Supercharge your pet business's rewards and memberships

Transform your loyalty system into a fulfiling experience. Reward your loyal pet customers with your offerings or our eGifts from top market brands.

Engage, Reward, Repeat – The Gini Way!

Loyalty for your pet business

Gini helps transform your pet business rewards and memberships into a dynamic customer engagement tool.

Gini works in harmony with your favorite ecommerce platforms. Our seamless integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento mean you can keep working with the tools you love while enjoying all the benefits Gini offers.

Reward your loyal pet customers with your in-house offerings, or from our top local catalogue

How it works 🧞

"Our customers can earn exciting rewards, deepening their loyalty and boosting our brand visibility organically. It's a win-win that drives customer engagement and our brand's growth."

You're more than just
a pet business

Increase your visibility

  • Grow your customer base without spending alot of time or money on marketing.

Build your reputation

  • Establish your reputation as a trusted and reliable pet business.

  • Lead to more business and repeat customers.

Connect with pet owners

  • Build relationships beyond customer's transactions

  • Offer after-sales services such as pet care advice or exclusive deals.

Unleash loyalty,
enhance engagement

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